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Rack Card Design and Printing

well-designed rack card
Why spend money on quality marketing materials?
Potential customers get a "sneak preview" of your business from your marketing and advertising materials.
If your print materials look professional, customers will see you as a well-established business that will provide great service or sell quality products.
How will your print materials motivate your customers to "take the next step?"
Easy, attract attention while reinforcing your marketing message and image.
Direct the consumer to action with a great offer. Change up offers from "$1 off" or "Free Consultation" to a time-sensitive discount (valid daily before 11 am)or special VIP pass (when purchasing two or more tickets.)

How to design an effective rack card

What should your rack card look like?
Your Rack Card needs to catch the consumer’s attention within seconds.

* The very top of the card needs to have BOLD text stating the purpose of the card.
                 Example:    Boat Rentals  or   Golf     or     (your Business Name) Alhonna Resort
* The remaining top three inches need to include your logo and an awesome photo of a person having a great time.
(Boat Rental- on a boat, Resort- kids playing or fishing at your resort)
*Choose a service/product to feature on the remaining front of the card. Be clear in your message.
*The back of the card needs to have a similar header as the front of the card (in case it is displayed backwards.)
*The remaining back of your rack card should feature a call to action. "Show this card for a Free T-Shirt."
*All print materials need to include: Your Business Name, Address, Phone #, and Web Address. If space allows also add a Map and your Email address.

When designing a new rack card, it is always helpful to look at other cards. You can see what graphics and text impact you, be sure to visit our Rack Card Gallery to view other designs.

What should you expect from a well-designed rack card?
All marketing materials should contain a “call to action.” A well-designed rack card should produce your intended action from your end consumer, such as a reservation, a visit to your location, or a phone call.

Where are the best places to hand-out my rack card?

Where can I hand-out my rack card?
Give them out at trade show and festivals. Rack cards are great to have on hand to give to people requesting additional information on your business. Rack cards fit into a #10 envelope for mailers. A rack card can be designed as a self-mailer to feature a new product / service or an event.

How do I get mass rack card distribution?
Let us do it! Elite Marketing Options provides a rack card distribution program at the Lake of the Ozarks. We will design, print, store and distribute your rack cards in the lake area. Our Lake Ozark distribution program prints over 400k brochures and rack cards annually. We offer our clients free graphic design of rack cards that participate in our Brochure Distribution service. For more detailed information, please visit our Brochure Distribution services page.

What is the best rack card size?
A 4x9 rack card is the typical size we print for our distribution stands. However, we can design and print any size you request.  The cards come with the option to have a UV lamination glossy coating on one or both sides at no extra cost. The lamination does add to the durability and longevity of the rack cards in the distribution stands. Prices are quoted for a 14 pt. C2S Front and Backside Full Color rack card.

4x9 Rack Card: 5,000 - $395      10,000- $635       20,000- $955      25,000- $1097
Need a different size or quantity of rack cards? We have several options of print materials that may be a great fit for your business. Email us at info@elitemarketingoptions.com

Elite Marketing Options offer several Services and Products to increase local and regional awareness of your business and brand through our multi-media, cross platform marketing. Our Client List speaks for itself; please do not leave our website without viewing it. Be sure to view our Portfolio and please email us at info@elitemarketingoptions.com for additional marketing information.

How can I save this rack card information?
If you need to save this information for later review, be sure to download the attached Rack Card Design PDF. I have created a Marketing Library containing additional practical advice on how to get more from your marketing.

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