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Website Design

What our web design has to offer

Elite Marketing Options is leading the industry with unique multi-screen websites. By providing a sleek professional look, seamless layout and high-powered features; we design your website to encompass your branding image while providing your visitors with a fantastic user experience.

We recently completed further education on responsive website design and Google’s new website coding regulations. Google has slowly been applying new guidelines over the last few months of 2015. (Your current website may be experiencing drops in search ranking and click-through rates from the changes.)

Along with the continued education, we can now offer clients a more comprehensive website design platform, featuring hosting with a Client Website Control Panel. The new Client Website Control Panel allows our website design client’s access to a simplified drag-and-drop site editor (to make your own edits) that requires no programming knowledge and is performed via web-based software. A responsive site eliminates the need to update content for two different sites (ie: desktop and mobile version.) Clients can now edit all content at once without having to worry about mismatching information. The Client Website Control Panel also allows review of SEO information and tracking of analytics. We are pleased to offer a more advanced website service to our clients. Be sure to view screen shots of our Website Control Panel to see the easy to use interface.
Responsive Website Design Power Point
Did you know?
    A person spends a minimum of 4.4 hours in front of different screens a day? Be sure to view our Website Results page for more information.

When you search your website, does it say Mobile friendly beside it?
   The most significant change Google made is with Mobile websites. If your website is not built for all mobile devices it will not be displayed in search results ON mobile devices.
   This is of huge importance, because most people browse the internet via phone or tablet.
   Google has added a text label under the URL in the snippet that reads “Mobile-friendly”

Want to test your website at Google? 
   Click here to view screen shots of our Google tests. Our Marketing Library page provides other helpful links to check your current website, under the Resources section. For further assistance with testing or other info, email

What is Responsive Website Design?

   Responsive, cross-platform, multi-screen and Google regulations are a few of the new buzz words you will be hearing a lot of in the coming year. A responsive, cross-platform or multi-screen website is designed and optimized to automatically detect the device it is being displayed to, and then change to the correct version to be displayed on that device. Having a single site for all platforms reduces user confusion as the URL they're visiting is always the same, and the content they're seeing is always similar. When visitors navigate the page, they need not pinch or zoom to do so; the content is presented at a usable size and in a usable format.
   * Google now expects ALL websites to be compatible with ALL devices.
   * Google does not want to display a desktop version website on a tablet or phone.
   * Google is changing the way rankings will appear in search engine. If your site does not pass Google’s test, it will not appear in mobile search results.
   * One single URL makes it easier for Google to search a site for relevant content.

What can our Website Design do for your business?
    A new responsive website design can improve your professional image, boost your online presence and market your product to a wider audience. Creating a website that works on multi-screens increases your business inquiries and makes your business more profitable.

Responsive website design services and pricing:

We do not have 3 different levels of website packages like most web development companies.  We think all businesses deserve the "Gold" level of service. We provide up to 10 pages with ALL of the included services for $2250, and then charge $175 for any additional page. The additional pages will also contain all included services. We include *SEVERAL services in our pricing that most other web development companies “up-charge monthly.” Be sure when comparing pricing  –Apples to Apples!
ALL of the services listed below are included in our Responsive Website Design Package.

     The basics: (included in price)
Responsive design- Up to 10 pages (Multi-screen- desktop, tablet & phone versions)* see below
Hosting provided for additional fee* (see below)
Website Control Panel (Log in and update anytime easily)
Dashboard Simplicity (Edit content all at once- Your change is updated to all devices)
User Dashboard (Track all stats associated with site)
Integrated Blog (easy to post and use from same dashboard)
Site Consistency (Color scheme and branding matched across all devices)
Description, content and photo collection assistance
Call to action contact forms (increases business inquires)
Simple Updates (email us the updates and a note as to where the information needs to be placed)
Interactive Photo Gallery
Sitemap – HTML & .xml creation (mapping for search engines)
Unlimited revisions during design stage
Website submission
GOOGLE BOT 9000- Like the terminator, but meaner! Your site will fully adhere to Google's guideline for desktop and mobile searches.

     More included features: (included in price)
The power of the mobile web comes from being able to put everything your customers need right at their fingertips. Our features and platform integration's are designed to do just two things: increase convenience for your customers and grow sales for your business.
   •    Click-to-Call- Enables your customers to contact you with just a push of a button.
   •    Mobile Maps- Ensures that your customers will always be able to find their way to your door.
   •    Yelp Reviews- Inspire confidence in your business and assure customers you’re the right choice.
   •    Restaurant Menus- Format your menu for the small screen so hungry diners be ready to order.
   •    Multi-Location- Perfect for getting customers to your multiple locations.
   •    Business Hours- Customers need to know when your open. A mobile-must!
   •    Social Icons- Boost customer engagement and loyalty by linking to social media pages.
   •    Facebook Integration- Add your FB Photo Albums, Feeds, comments, or likes.

     *Also includes: (included in price)
    Keyword phrasing- Upgraded to adhere to google new standards (25 phrases)
    Competitor analysis- Provide us with a list of 3 competitors. We provide you with an evaluation of their website and keywords.
    Custom URL for each page with Title SEO- name and tag changes to match key phrasing.
    Image SEO- Name and metatag changes to match key phrasing.
    Creation of Anchor text to use with link exchange.  
    Monthly print out of Page title, Meta descriptions, key phrasing and page rankings!
*The services in this one section can cost thousands from other web development companies that charge in addition for these services on a monthly basis.*

View recent results of our website continued education. Be sure to visit Website Results.

We can further assist you with:
   Domain registration or redirection
   Business email set-up
   Google analytic set-up

(NOT included in price)
*Hosting is not included in the pricing. Our Responsive Websites must be hosted through our services. Hosting fees of $29 a month for Responsive sites are charged via debit/credit card monthly. Simple Updates are provided FREE of charge with hosting. If you choose to cancel the hosting before the annual term expires, a cancellation fee of $120 will be billed to the card on file.
*10 pages - References desktop website version. The phone and tablet website versions are typically smaller for optimization.

Getting a website for your business is just the first step in creating an online presence. Regular updates enhance your website and keep it relevant to your customers and Google.

Why choose our website design services?

   When choosing a web designer be sure to look at other sites they have developed. We will provide you with a list of your page names, Meta descriptions and key phrasing. Branding, back linking and site ranking depend on these factors all matching and networking together. All internet marketing efforts need to utilize this important information about your website. View our Marketing Library for more information.
Here is a list of some of our sites.

Responsive sites – designed, hosted and maintained by Elite. – designed, hosted by Elite. Updated by Fritchey
(Fritchey is still in the learning phase with the dash board. We check in every two weeks – unless otherwise contacted - to move things around and tweak the pages to get them in proper working order.) 

Regular Desktop sites that have a separate mobile version (built prior to Google guidelines on separate software)
                                                   (desktop and mobile have to be updated separately, unlike responsive site )
Please be sure to view both sites, the desktop version and the mobile version are different. -

Regular Desktop sites (built prior to Google search guidelines)

Now that we have this amazing site built, what do we do with it?
Create a marketing campaign to create excitement over the launch date. You can create pricing promotions and use other marketing tactics to turn your website change into more traffic. A website must be promoted to reap the benefits. DO not rely on organic search alone. Be sure that not only is the website listed on all print materials and advertisements, but that is also attached with click through via your emails. Your website needs to be listed on all social media outlets. Contact friends and family with other local websites and exchange links. Google frowns upon out going links only. Any links you give out need to be reciprocated with an anchored link back to your website. Be sure to visit Website Results.

Elite Marketing Options offer several Services and Products to increase local and regional awareness of your business and brand through our multi-media, cross platform marketing. Our Client List speaks for itself; please do not leave our website without viewing it. Be sure to view our Portfolio and please email us at for additional marketing information.

Where do we start?

   We begin by getting a list of what you would like your website to accomplish. We then decide on the call to action responses you would like to get from your website. You provide us with logos, color scheme, base content and photos that highlight the services we have listed. We then research keyword phrases and begin the competitor search and review process.

   We present you with a mock design, lists of page examples, content, photography, etc. The mock site has three different screen views. You are able to see the site as a desktop version, a tablet version and a phone version. Click here to see an example of multi-screen views. You decide what is most valuable to your business, and we begin the design process to fit your needs. This evaluation process costs nothing if you do purchase the website from us. However, if you do not, it is $150 non-refundable charge that will be billed to the card on file.

   As we begin services, we will assist in domain registration or redirection. (If you own a domain we will need access to your domain manager. You must have a login and password to do this. If you do not have this information, you will need to request it from your current provider. can verify you are the owner of your domain.

   You will need to fill out the client sheet and billing card information for the hosting. An invoice for the website design services can be paid with the billing card or by check.

   Ready to get started with your NEW and IMPROVED website? Email us at

Do you need an e-commerce site?
    Please contact us for further information on our e-commerce website design. Each site is custom quoted to fit your business needs. Our e-commerce sites are also designed to be responsive to all devices and maintained on web-based software. Design and hosting fees are determined by the amount of products you intend to sell. Email us at

How can I save this website design information?
If you need to save this information for later review, be sure to download the attached Responsive Website Design PDF. You may also want to save the Responsive Website PowerPoint Presentation download. I have created a Marketing Library containing additional practical advice on how to get more from your marketing.

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