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How do we rank on customer service?
   *We provide a full service distribution program. We will design, print, store and distribute your brochures.
   *Elite will come to YOUR business for a consultation.
We have several brochures and rack cards to be viewed and held, with the guarantee, each and every brochure or rack card you order will be the exact paper weight and size you expect. Review our Brochure and Rack card galleries.
   *Any excess brochures ordered for trade shows or other distribution purposes will be delivered to you for free.
   *We house your brochure and rack card stock during the distribution cycle, for no charge, of course.
   *We provide free graphic design to brochure distribution clients.
Clients like Big Surf Water Park, Jacobs Cave and Sugar Creek Mini Golf have been with us since we began distribution services at the Lake of the Ozarks in 2007. We attribute this to our excellent customer service. In fact, most of our clients participate in multiple marketing programs we provide. Be sure to click through our Client List to see additional clients.

2017 Brochure Distribution Contract PDF Download
How does brochure distribution work?
Elite Distribution displays your brochures or rack cards in our handcrafted brochure display stands.
Our brochure stands are strategically located in high traffic areas to extensively cover the Lake of the Ozarks area. Be sure to review our Distribution Locations.

In general the Lake of the Ozarks vacation season runs from March through October. To accommodate seasonal businesses, we bill through these seasonal months only.

Distribution fees of $275 are billed for 8 months: March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept and Oct. ($275x8=$2200) However, the brochures and rack cards are distributed in the stands all year.

The above fee is for the distribution service only. The brochure or rack card printing fees are additional. The client has the option to purchase brochures from another party and supply them to us for distribution or we can design and print for you. Review the Rack card or Brochure pages for more information on available print materials and pricing.

We advise clients to print 20,000 brochures for one season. A large family attraction may need to print a larger quantity, and a smaller niche business may only need to print 10,000. Clients can choose to print additional brochures for office use, boat shows, or other distribution services. It is the business owners’ digression as to the printing amount.

To ensure participation in the 2018 cycle we would like contracts signed and returned by Feb 1, 2018 so we can begin the
designing and printing phase. If you are providing your own brochures please give a tentative date of when the brochures can be

How can brochure distribution benefit my business?

What makes brochure distribution the right fit for my business?
   *Brochure distribution stands provide potential customers with a physical take away piece of your business, from multiple locations. The views you receive are comparable to having several business locations. The brochures then drive inquiries and bookings to your website, phone line or email.

   *Brochure Distribution is a no waste, demand-driven service; visitors only take what interests them.

   *Brochure Distribution out-competes all other media as a source of visitor information while traveling. Brochures highly influence visitors in selecting which attraction or activity they will visit. Visitors often change plans as a consequence of information from a brochure.

   *Brochure Distribution has a board demographic reaching visitors of all ages, interests and backgrounds.

   * Brochures are a multi-use media that can be shared with other friends and family members.

What sets us apart?

Why choose Elite for your brochure distribution?

Elite Marketing Options is the only local distribution company at the lake. As life-long Lake Area residents, we know the market and which restaurants and attractions see the most visitors annually. Be sure to visit our About Us page for further details about Elite and our business’ milestones.
Elite Marketing Options places our distribution stands in the most popular businesses at the Lake of the Ozarks; attractions, boat rentals, hotels, restaurants, malls, resorts, and golf courses.

We are the only distribution company offering stand host compensation for space availability. We do this to insure the best placement in well established businesses at the lake. Review additional information about becoming a Distribution Stand Host here.

The brochures and rack cards in our distribution stands are LOCAL to the LAKE of the OZARKS Area.
Our distribution stands display business such as; Jacobs Cave, Big Surf Water Park, Miner Mikes Indoor Family Fun Center, Surdyke Yamaha and Marina, Adventure Boat Rental, Sugar Creek Mini Golf, Lake Ozark Helicopters, Owens Ranch Stables, Bridgeport Marina, Dirty Duck Boat Rentals, Paradise Parasail, Iguana Watersports, Lake of the Ozarks Harley Davidson, Main Street Music Hall, Alhonna Resort, Sky Surf Flyboard Rentals, The Getaway Jet Ski Rentals, Lake Ozark Parasail, Lake Regional Urgent Care, Glencove Marina, Camden on the Lake, Bear Bottom Resort, Kirby’s School of Wake, etc.

Elite Marketing Options offer several Services and Products to increase local and regional awareness of your business and brand through our multi-media, cross platform marketing. Our Client List speaks for itself; please do not leave our website without viewing it. Be sure to view our Portfolio and please email us at for additional marketing information.

How can I save this brochure distribution information?
If you need to save this information for later review, be sure to download the attached Brochure Distribution PDF. I have created a Marketing Library containing additional practical advice on how to get more from your marketing.
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