Marketing Library

Marketing Library

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m the in house web site designer at Elite. "I" would be the I, referred to in many accounts. I am also half of the "We."
I decided to make a marketing library to host a pdf version of all the information you find in our website.
I also thought this would be a great place for my marketing advice.
elite marketing options story
I have learned a lot in 12 years of business at the Lake of the Ozarks and want to make an effort to give back information I have gained from my diverse client base.
I have had some interesting conversations with clients that have been in business at the lake since the 1970's.
Google definitely *Keeps me on my toes* when it comes to web designing, but I also have a wealth of knowledge just from listening to other business owners and their issues. I try to learn Everything I can, from Everyone. I cannot recall a time I discussed a topic with another business owner and it not been beneficial to another client in the future. I'd love to help you with any marketing questions. Send me an email to discuss your issues

 Marketing downloads

The PDF downloads listed below contain all the marketing service information that is on this website. All information may be printed by potential clients.
Learn information and pricing for responsive website design.                                      Responsive Website Design PDF Download

Learn how to get brochure distribution at the Lake of the Ozarks.                                Lake Ozark Brochure Rack Card Distribution PDF Download

Learn how to design an effective rack card for printing and distributing.                   Rack Card Design PDF Download

Learn how to become a brochure distribution stand host.                                           How to become a distribution host PDF Download

Learn about gift card and vip card programs for your point of sale system.             POS cards PDF Download

elite marketing options about

Practical marketing advice

The following is advice on "how to get more from your marketing." This information is a collaborative of my thoughts to improve your marketing strategy. Please do not reproduce in any form without written consent. You can view more information about my company, my partner and me on our About Us page.
How to NOT budget my marketing dollars.              Budget No No PDF Download
How to know… Marketing vs Advertising.               Marketing vs Advertising PDF Download
Why you should love blogging.                                 Google Blog Love PDF Download

      This is our 7th time, since 2003, to completely overhaul our own website This process of change happens after each continued education course we complete.  As we began preparing to convert the website to a responsive design while following Google’s new regulations, it started with the usual; compiling content and photos, adjusting keyword phrases and the competitor search and review process.
     After viewing the Lake Area, Kansas City and St. Louis: marketing, web site design, brochure distribution and billboard websites, I discovered that next to none of them give any "REAL" information.
     The sites are mostly filled with hype words and blustery sentences about making your business great, but never tell you how or even what their services mean/do/cost, or give a list of clients with a track record of years.
     We have been guilty of this in the past as well, but decided NOT THIS TIME. will now be written the way we explain things at a face to face meeting with a client.

 There are many factors to consider when planning your marketing budget. We have several options that may be a great fit for your business.

       *We create your logo and graphic design to produce premium print materials.
      *Your brochures or rack cards are distributed to our lake area brochure stands.
      *The graphics we created are used on our outdoor billboards.
     *We create your advertisements to be featured on our vacation map and in our event magazines.
     *All media points to your responsive website, we designed to be viewed correctly on desktops, tablets and phones.
    *Our industry leading websites adhere to Googles current changes, putting your website above the rest!


The below links are to sites that can benefit your business marketing strategy.
This is a Google provided site to check your current website for “Mobile-Friendly”
This site displays your Domain and Page Authority
This site gives detailed instructions to set-up your Google+ Account.

elite marketing options story
   Elite Marketing Options offer several Services and Products that will increase local and regional awareness of your business and brand through our multi-media, cross platform marketing.
Our Client List speaks for itself; please do not leave our website
without viewing it. Be sure to view our Portfolio and please  email  for additional marketing information.
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