Website Results

Website Results

How has our website continued education helped?

   We have recently completed continued education for website design and internet regulation.
   This is our 7th time, since 2003, to completely overhaul our own website This process of change happens after each continued education course we complete.  As we began preparing to convert the website to a responsive design while following Google’s new regulations, it started with the usual; compiling content and photos, adjusting keyword phrases and the competitor search and review process.
After viewing the Lake Area, Kansas City and St. Louis: marketing, web site design, brochure distribution and billboard websites, I discovered that next to none of them give any "REAL" information.
   Other sites are mostly filled with hype words and blustery sentences about making your business great, but never tell you how or even what their services mean/do/cost, or give a list of clients with a track record of years.
   We have been guilty of this in the past as well, but decided NOT THIS TIME. will now be written the way we explain things at a face to face meeting with a client.
How are Google changes effecting your business?
    Each and every business owner or manager should take an interest in the new Google changes. These changes will effect your business. To learn more about our website design services, visit our Website Design page.

Our new responsive website launched 10-26-2015
   Our website is a work in process. As a marketing company our website must be built and coded as different enitities (website design, brochure and rack card distribution, highway billboards, graphic design and printing services.) A website is like a child, it must be feed and nutured on a regular basis to yeild positive results. 

This page will feature a list of our results.
Website Results 11-5-2015
  • lake of the ozarks brochure distribution- #1 -2 -3
  • brochure distribution lake ozark- #1 -2 -3
  • lake ozark marketing portfolio- #1 -2 -3
  • lake ozark rack cards- #1 -2 -3
  • Rack Card Distribution lake ozark- #2 -3 -4 -5
  • lake ozark gift card printing design- #1 -2
  • lake ozark print materials- #1 -2
To yield top search results your website must follow the new google regulations  and the page title, content, keys, etc, must be working in unison. We now have proof of concept with all our new information learned through our website continued education course. We will begin applying that knowledge to the rest of our marketing website and will post results as the changes are made.

If you have read over our Website Design page and are ready to rebuild, re-code and renew your website: Email us today!
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